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Upon joining Soldier City Crossfit about 2.5 years ago, I was hesitant towards much of the process. However, the coaches immediately made the SCCF community feel like a family. Since then, I have seen that family in so many ways. From encouraging everyone at the box and competing alongside one another to celebrating life's milestones together, joining SCCF has made such a positive impact in who I am today. You will never regret making the choice to actively become a better version of yourself!

by Jordan on Blank Business Name
Its Become My Second Home

Coming into crossfit i was your typical olympic weightlifter. Having competed in weightlifting for 3 years, any kind of cardio was something i didnt do at all. If it wasnt a strength style workout i didnt want any part of it. Golds was my home outside of olympic lifting and 20 minuets on the stair climber was the only cardio i had ever seen. I was getting bored, it was the same old routine at golds. A few friends told my about SCCF and i decided to give it a try. When i forst drope up i was scared out of my mind because i knew i would be out of my element. When i first walked in(thanks to seeing Mrs. Z) , i could instantly tell this would be my new home. Everyone instantly welcomed me in, Andrew stayed with me every step of the way to make sure i was doing lifts or movements with good form. Everyone cheers eachother on and it really feels like a family. I joined my last year of highschool lifting and i can honestly thank SSCF for helping me get my clean and jerk up enough to qualify and compete at states. Remember the scarriest part is starting, but i can tell you as soon as you start, you'll fall in love with it like i did.


Before crossfit I was strictly a weightlifter for a year and a half, had always told myself "one day I'll try crossfit," But I always had an excuse.. "I'm too busy, I can't afford it, I'll start next week." Then one day I was in the gym, going through my normal leg day routine and it just hit me ...I was bored. I had to try something different before I ended up in a rut. So the following week I contacted Owner/Coach Andrew and decided on a day I'd come in for my first class. I showed up, nervous as can be, and just like that... Fell in love with fitness again. Andrew made me feel very comfortable, made class fun and I really loved the atmosphere. Everyone in the box was super welcoming and helpful. I didn't feel awkward or out of place even though I was around people that had been doing this stuff for years. I absolutely love going to class everyday, weather it's a wod I think I'll be good at or not its always a challenge, a chance to improve yourself, to surprise yourself, really push your body to the limits and see what you're capable of. I've learned it's ok to try something you're scared of, it's ok to fail at something, it's ok to step out of your comfort zone, IT'S OK. Coach Andrew is there every step of the way to help you, encourage you, motivate you and answer any questions you have. It doesn't matter if you've been into fitness your whole life or have never stepped foot in a gym.. Soldier City Crossfit is the place for you. I love my crossfit fam and we'd love to have you there too ! :)

by Whitney Shurte on Blank Business Name
Home Is Where The Weights Are

I walked into Soldier City Crossfit on a hot May day and had no clue what to expect. I remember feeling nauseous on the drive there, so worried and scared because of all the unknowns. I was not the girl that played sports in middle and high school because I did not like the amount of time it required. So add that to my nervousness and you might come close to how I felt. When I walked in, it was only one unit of the current five that we occupy now. Andrew made me feel so welcome and walked me through everything like I was a baby taking my first steps. While I cannot tell you what the workout was we did that day, I can tell you how I felt after. I walked out feeling confident and happy and woke up the next day so sore! But it was such a great kind of sore, something that I had worked hard for and I felt so accomplished and proud of myself. I would never trade that feeling for anything! Now, I have been a member for 2+ years and never did I regret the decision to commit. Soldier City has become my second family, my second home. When things get tough, I do not want to go home and sleep it off, I want to go to Crossfit and work it out. I can guarantee you will never find something like this and you will never find a more friendly and supportive environment. We will cheer you on, we will count your reps if you need us and we will push each so much farther than we ever fathomed possible. I love my Soldier City family and could not ask for a better group of people!

by Nicole Williams on Blank Business Name
LOVE my box!!

Before joining Soldier City CrossFit, I was your typical "cardio queen." . I would be good about running for a few weeks, but would get so bored, I'd stop all together. Eventually, my weight would creep up from lack of exercise, so I'd start back up again and the cycle would continue. I had heard about CrossFit before, but I would think things like "I'm not fit enough." "I wouldn't be good at that." "CrossFit is for people who know what they are doing." I was intimidated to say the least. When I finally decided to give it a try, I remember walking in and instantly feeling welcome. Not only by Coach Andrew, but by the four other members who had just finished working out. Andrew could see I was scared, but he assured me he'd be with me every step of the way. After two or three classes, my fear turned into addiction and I couldn't wait until my next work out! At first, I couldn't even do a sit-up. I had to literally put a 35 lb dumbbell on each of my feet to hold me down. At 24 years old, I felt pathetic and embarrassed, but Coach Andrew, Coach Jason, and so many of the other members never stopped encouraging me. Now the things that were once so hard for me, have become easier. Each week, I amaze myself and have watch my body transform and get stronger. I just wanted to share this testimony with anyone who thinks they aren't "fit enough" to do CrossFit or feel too intimidated to start. If you just step outside your comfort zone, amazing things will happen! Every movement can be scaled and tailored until your strength and ability improves. As coach Andrew said to me once "practice makes progress, not perfect" and that's all that matters... Your journey! It has always stuck with me. A little over a year later, I have lost 18 lbs, leaned out, and have definitely gained lots of muscle, but most importantly I have gained a new found love for working out because I love my body, not because I hate it and it all wouldn't be possible without my Soldier City CrossFit Family!!!

by Rafael Romero on Blank Business Name
Soldier City Crossfit

Having now been a member of Soldier City Crossfit for over two year and a half years I can still recall my first Crossfit experience there. I was both excited and intimidated by the unknown but Coach Andrew made me feel very welcomed from the moment I stepped into the gym. I immediately was made to feel like not just another member but as a part of the Soldier City family. Owner/Coach Andrew is great at understanding your goals, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and showing you exactly how you can not only meet, but surpass all your personal fitness goals. The workouts are always challenging and varied. Anyone can do the workouts regardless of their level of fitness because everything can be tailored to their physical abilities. Coach Andrew and Coach Jason both do a great job at keeping each individual member's abilities in mind helping to ensure everyone has a safe yet challenging workout. After more than two years at Soldier City Crossfit I can honestly say it's been a pleasure watching the family grow, the gym and equipment expand and the workouts be just as challenging as the first day. The environment and energy is always positive, motivating and energetic. I highly recommend any one of any age come to Soldier City and experience it for themselves, I guarantee you'll be hooked on Crossfit!