Jason – CFL1 Trainer
Age: 32
Hometown: Marietta, OH
After being born in Huntington, WV, I spent most of my younger years in Marietta, OH where I grew up playing baseball, football, and basketball. At the age of 13, I moved to Orlando, FL and stopped playing sports to focus on one of my other passions, music. Throughout High School I focused on band, and in College began singing for a local band, playing at various venues throughout Florida, including; House of Blues and Hard Rock Live. It was after college, when I began working for Lockheed Martin, and found that I had become too relaxed in taking care of myself and my fitness. At the age of 27, I started working out a regular gym, and was introduced to the cross training style of workouts. Shortly after this, I was introduced to CrossFit. I found that CrossFit workouts gave me the best results, and also kept me wanting to do more.
Because I grew up playing sports, the idea of fitness as a sport appealed to me greatly. Along with my CrossFit training, I was also playing multiple intramural sports at Lockheed as the captain of my softball, flag football, and volleyball teams.
In 2012, I was asked to move to the Netherlands for my work, and spent a year living and working abroad. While living there, I found CrossFit Amsterdam, and this was my first true CrossFit Box experience. Even though I had been doing CrossFit for over a year, prior to moving, this was the first time I had been through the elementals class, and had someone identify and improve bad habits I had formed. After spending one year training with CrossFit Amsterdam, I came back home to Saint Cloud, FL, and found Soldier City CrossFit. It was here that I first met Andrew, and was introduced to the amazing CrossFit family we have a Soldier City.  In the beginning of 2015, after over 3 years of CrossFit, I decided to become a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. In April of 2015, I took the class and test, and passed. CrossFit has truly changed my idea of fitness and working out. It is the CrossFit methodology, and the results that I have seen for myself, that keeps me intrigued and keep me coming back for more. I have been very lucky to have some amazing coaches throughout my journey of CrossFit and fitness in general, and look forward to providing those same experiences to people of Soldier City!